Cutting-edge Brand Equity Consulting & Primary Market Research 

for the Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Industries

Codex is dedicated to providing industry-leading brand consumer analytics and market research services for insights with the greatest strategic and actionable value

Codex Services

Brand Equity & Loyalty Consulting

Cutting-edge Brand Equity Measurements based on Brand Bonding Choice Psychology & Neuroscience Provide the power to accurately gauge market insights into consumer’s thinking, decision making & loyal behavior

Primary Market Research

Deep Industry Expertise across over 30 Therapeutic Areas Fundamentals for company, product & service level performance analysis for differentiation vs the

Business Development Services

Organic & Inorganic Growth Strategies. Exploration and selection options for new or deeper market access.


What makes Codex Different

Leader in cutting-edge Healthcare Brand Equity & Loyalty methodologies

We believe in challenging the staus-quo, thinking differently, creating & applying novel methodologies that evolve with market intelligence needs, overcoming traditional methodology limitations

Quality driven, unrushed and truly dedicated service to maximise strategic & actionable inputs value 

Keeping your understanding and decision making ahead of the curve.

Codex Consulting

Keeping you Ahead of the Curve

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