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Codex provides industry leading brand consumer analytics
and market research services for insights with greatest strategic and actionable value

Since 2012 Codex has dedicated itself to deepening the analysis of consumer decision-making, incorporating and applying the latest neuroscience and psychology-driven choice behaviors, for deeper actionable market insights, improving stakeholder satisfaction, reducing risk and maximizing future brand growth potential.

In the 21st century, branding ultimately will be the only unique differentiator between companies. Brand equity is now a key asset.

Brand Equity is the emotional/intangible value that determines to what extent associations evoked by a brand are able to predispose stakeholders to prefer this brand and pay a premium price for it

While traditional rational-based market research methodologies continue to hold value in generating market understanding, these methods have limited value in understanding evolving decision patterns of healthcare stakeholders and their consumers. As the marketplace becomes crowded, brand-based emotional brand associations take the ever-increasing weight for customer brand choice and loyalty

Codex specializes in Brand Equity & Brand Loyalty models

Brand Pyramid: Bonding correlates with Brand Revenue Potential

Brand Loyalty models give you a clear direct understanding of where in the journey you are losing your customers, how many are being lost, and targeted actions to overcome, enabling maximum conversion to brand bonding

Brand Power: Clear and intuitive summary of your brand equity within its competitive context

Brand Equity models allow for a focused understanding of how your brand is perceived on emotional and rational dimensions and how this relates to your brand’s power to predispose customers to buy your brand and to pay more for it

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