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Brand Bonding: Brand Pyramid & Brand Portrait

Brand Equity: Brand Power & Premium

Brand Pyramid: Brand Bonding

Brand Bonding correlates with Brand Revenue Potential

Direct understanding of a brand’s loyalty performance against the competition & category, where and how to focus resources for maximized Brand Revenue Potential.

The Healthcare Brand Equity Pyramid enables us to answer all of the following.

Which step in the Brand Bonding Process are we losing/gaining our customers vs the competition?
At each step, why are we losing/gaining our customers vs the competition?
What proportion of target customers is bonding to our brand vs the competition?
Where to focus our efforts to maximize company efforts and resources to maximize brand bonding and our brand’s value share & revenue vs the competition?

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Breaking down the Brand Bonding Journey into its congruent steps allows clear identification of where customers reside in the brand bonding process, why they reach a given step, what issues prevent their conversion to the next step, and Bonding with the brands.

This allows a direct comparative understanding of our brand’s performance vs competitors as well as the ability to target where our problems are, what the problems are, and how to encourage our customers to convert to bonding with our brand, increasing revenue potential.

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Brand Diagnosis – Identify issues and advantages vs the category

Brand Diagnosis

Identify issues and advantages vs the category

The power of the Brand Pyramid lies in the ability to diagnose the attribute performance issues or advantages at each step as well as how each brand compares against the category.

Brand Portrait

Indicator of future performance

Portrait identifies a brand’s strengths and weaknesses relative to the other brands in the category and likely future performance. Are you Fading Star or a Champion Brand?

Understanding the level of conversion at each step of the Brand Pyramid provides a Brand Portrait for all investigated Brands, and therefore a comparative view of the status of each brand in the mind of the target customer.

Tracking Brand Bonding

The Brand Pyramid is specifically designed for tracking brands over time

Tracking Brand Pyramid performance at different time points provides specific visualization on how Brand Bonding & Brand Portrait is changing over time against competitors while Brand Diagnosis evolves which strategic actions at company, product, and sales levels are having the best impact at each step on driving a higher conversion of customer bonding and brand loyalty.

Brand Equity: Brand Power

The strongest brands – ones that have built a connection or predisposition with their consumers to choose their products

The Brand Equity Framework model of consumer decision-making in the context of the competition.

Brand vs Brand Equity

As we know a brand is a set of associations – ideas, memories, and feelings – imprinted in the consumer’s mind.
Brand Equity, however, is the ability of these associations to pre-dispose consumers to:

Pay more for it, commanding higher prices – Brand Premium
Choose a brand over other brands, increasing sales volume – Brand Power
Holistic brand equity measurement systems must have measures of these

Brand Equity Power

Clear & Intuitive Summary of your brand equity within its competitive context

Characteristics of valuable brands:

  1. Consumers feel bonding for them
  2. Consumers feels the product performs well to meet their needs
  3. Seen to be unique
  4. They maintain their relevance to market needs, set trends
  5. Their awareness is high

Brand Power’s 3 Dimensions

Factor analysis incorporation neuroscience and psychology research into choice behaviours brings these 5 characteristics into 3 Brand Dimensions

3 Brand Dimensions:

  1. Purposeful – Extent that brand builds emotional connection & delivers on promised needs
  2. Differentiated – Winning market share by standing out where others fail
  3. Recognition – Decisions are strongly linked to mental availability/familiarity of the brand

These 3 qualities are present in all brands that perform well, command high prices and pre-dispose the brand to generate greater volume share now and in the following year ahead

Brand Power – Pre-disposition to Attract Customers

Brand Power – the weighting of the 3 dimensions make the Brand’s Power The ability of a brand to pre-dispose consumers to choose it over other brands within the category

Brand Power & Premium

Furthermore, differential contribution of the 3 dimensions illustrate brand choice pre-disposition and real world financial price support.

Power: A brand’s ability to pre-dispose consumers to choose it over other brands in the category

Premium: A brand’s ability to command a price premium relative to the category average

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